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Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance

There are many types of unsolicited electronic messages, such as electronic marketing messages promoting products or services that can be sent as text or pre-recorded voice messages to telephones, fax machines or email addresses.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO) was enacted in May 2007 with an aim to regulate the sending of all forms of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) with the "Hong Kong link". It establishes the rules for sending CEMs such as providing accurate sender information and unsubscribe facilities as well as the launch of the do-not-call registers, and prohibits professional spamming activities such as the use of unscrupulous means to gather/generate recipient lists for sending CEMs without the consent of recipients, and fraudulent activities related to the sending of multiple CEMs.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Regulation (UEMR) was made to supplement the rules for the sending of CEMs set out in the UEMO and comes into operation on 22 December 2007. Furthermore, the Communications Authority is empowered under the UEMO to approve codes of practice to provide practical guidance. Such approved code of practice is published in the website of the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) at

Disclaimer: The information in this website on UEMO and UEMR is for general reference only. Readers should refer to the provisions of relevant legislation for a complete and definitive statement of the law. As each case needs to be considered in its own circumstances and its own merits, the information in this website should not be regarded as substitute for legal advice. Readers should consider seeking independent legal advice when necessary.